Consultancy service on investment from Vietnam to Abroad

In outward investment procedures, the project implementation mainly takes place outside the territory of Vietnam and depends on the laws of the recipient country. Therefore, the scope of LVT Lawyers's consulting on foreign investment basically stops after completing the procedures for applying for outward investment registration certificates from investment management agencies in Vietnam.

Forms of investment

Similar to domestic investment and outward investment in Vietnam, the form of outward investment also includes:

  1. Establish an economic organization following the laws of the investment recipient country;

  2. Performance of overseas business cooperation contracts,

  3. Acquire part or all of the charter capital of the overseas economic organization to participate in the management and implementation of investment and business activities abroad;

  4. buying and selling securities and other valuable papers, or investing through securities investment funds or other intermediary financial institutions abroad;

  5. Other forms of investment as prescribed by the law of the host country

Since the investment is carried out (project operations and business) in the host country, activities in Vietnam are mainly related to financial and foreign exchange issues. And in the current context in Vietnam, outward investment faces many difficulties in foreign exchange. Accordingly, investors are responsible for contributing capital and mobilizing capital sources to carry out investment activities abroad; the borrowing of capital in foreign currencies or the transfer of investment capital in foreign currencies must comply with conditions and procedures prescribed by the law on banks, credit institutions, and foreign exchange management. Investors are encouraged to transfer all profits earned and other income from overseas investments to Vietnam.

Orders and procedures for outward investment

Basically, the procedure for outward investment also consists of three steps:

  • Apply for an outward investment certificate or approve the outward investment policy;

  • Registration of investment forms in the host country;

  • Implement the project in the host country.

Competence to issue outward investment registration certificates

The Ministry of Planning and Investment is the unified agency managing the issuance and amendment of outward investment registration certificates.

LVT Lawyers performs the following tasks:

  • Consulting on the selection of the type of outward investment and issues related to the transfer of investment cash flows abroad;

  • Drafting dossiers for outward investment registration certificates;

  • Receiving the certificate of outward investment;

  • Carrying out procedures with banks to transfer investment money abroad;