I. Divorce procedures in Vietnam:

Step 1: Filing the application for divorce in the court of provinces/cities where the husband/wife resides (place of permanent residence or temporary residence registration); the Court makes the receipt of the application for divorce and sets a date to receive the results (usually 5 working days from the filing date).

Step 2: Receiving a notice to pay court fees (Note: time to pay the court fee within 15 days of receiving payment notice of court fees);

Step 3: Submitting the receipt of payment of court fees to the Court for handling the case;

Step 4: The Court handles the case of divorce and settles a divorce case in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law and the verdict or decision on resolving the case. 

Step 5: Getting the verdict or decision of divorce; 

II. Dossiers for divorce with foreigner include: 

  • An application for divorce (form);

  • Certificate of registration of marriage (original) or a copy of an extract from the State Agency;

  • Household registration book, identity card, passport (certified true copy);

  • Child's birth certificate (certified true copy);

  • If a request for settlement division of common property, submission documents and evidence to prove the common property is required, such as certificates of land use right (red or pink book); Vehicle registration certificates; bank passbook, saving book ... (certified true copy);

III. Duration of divorce settlement with foreigners

  • In case of agreement on a mutual divorce agreement: the time of settlement is between 01-04 months from the date of acceptance of the case.

  • For cases of unilateral divorce: the case for unilateral divorce, time for preparation on judgment of divorce is maximum 04 months from the date of acceptance of the case, if the case has complicated nature or objective obstacles, it shall be extended for not more than 02 months.

  • For cases where the defendant is absent: the time of settlement may be longer than specified, depending on time served judicial authorization to foreign countries.

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