You are an overseas Vietnamese who wants to divorce in Vietnam?

You are an overseaVietnamese who wants to divorce with foreigners in Vietnam?

Are you a foreigner residing abroad who wants to divorce a Vietnamese in Vietnam?

Are you a foreigner residing abroad who wants to divorce a foreigner living in Vietnam?

You want to divorce in Vietnam but do not know the laws of Vietnam on divorce?

LVT Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers in Vietnam, with many years of experience related to the issue of divorce for foreigners in Vietnam. Along with the enthusiasm and dedicated work, we assure putting the interests of clients on the top to fit the motto "Our services, your success". LVT Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers in Vietnam provides the following services:

  1. Unilateral divorce, mutual agreement on the divorce,
  2. Dividing of common property upon divorce or after the divorce,
  3. Dividing of personal property of the spouses on the marriage duration;
  4. Children custody;
  5. Request of payment for child support;
  6. Advice on the right to visit the children after the divorce;
  7. Advice on change children custody after divorce;

LVT Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers in Vietnam provide the following specific tasks:

  • Consulting on the Vietnam legal provisions on divorce;
  • Consulting on the formalities and procedures for divorce in Vietnam;
  • Drafting application for divorce, preparing documents for divorce;
  • Collecting from the dossier, civil status documents to clients;
  • Filing documents for divorce;
  • Finding & collecting evidence to provide to the Court in order to protect the best interests of clients;
  • Appointing lawyers specialized in divorce to protect the rights of clients;
  • Appointing the interpreter for foreigner clients;
  • Counseling and supporting legal issue after divorce in Vietnam;