I. Who should pay personal income tax from wages?

Resident individuals: Individuals who meet one of the following two conditions:

  • Individuals present at VN from 183 days or more in a calendar year or for 12 consecutive months since the first day to VN.
  • Individuals who have permanent residence in VN such as: place of registering permanent residence, obtaining the permanent, temporary resident card issued by Ministry of Public Security or rent to stay from 90 days or more in a taxation year.

Non-resident individuals: persons who do not meet the above conditions.

1. Income from taxable wages?

  • Wages in all forms
  • Allowances, subsidies, other than some allowances, subsidies
  • Remuneration (commissions, royalties, joining in ....)
  • Other benefits in cash or awarded in non-cash 
  • Bonuses in month, quarter, year, unexpectedly, 13th month salary in cash or in shares under the bonus value recorded on the books.

2. These allowances shall be deducted when calculating the income tax?

  • Rent allowance: The amount the rent, electricity, water and related services (if any) for housing paid by the employer shall be taxable income calculated in accordance with the actual payment in lieu of but not exceed 15% of taxable income generated (not including rent, utilities and related services (if any)) at the entities regardless of source of the income. "

  • Money to work at night, overtime is paid higher than salaries, wages work per day, work in hours.

  • Cash support for hospitality, entertainment for themselves and employee’s family:

  • Deduction of family allowances:

- Self: 11,000,000 VND/month

- Dependants: 4,400,000 VND/month/person

- Children under 18 years of age based on the birth certificate

II. Calculation of personal income tax?

Personal income tax payable = Taxable income x tax rate

Taxable income = Taxable income (*) - Deductions 


Taxable income/ month 

Tax rate 

Calculation of amount of personal income tax

Option 1

Option 2


Up to 5 million dong (m.d)


0 m,d + 5% Taxable income 

5% Taxable income 


Over 5 m.d to 10 m.d 


0,25 m.d + 10% Taxable income over 5 m.d 

10% Taxable income - 0,25 m.d


Over 10 m.d to 18 m.d


0,75 m.d+ 15% Taxable income over 10 m.d 

15% Taxable income - 0,75 m.d 


Over 18 m.d to 32 m.d 


1,95 m.d + 20% Taxable income over 18 m.d

20% Taxable income - 1,65 m.d


Over 32 m.d to 52 m.d


4,75 m.d + 25% Taxable income over 32 m.d 

25% Taxable income - 3,25 m.d 


Over 52 m.d to 80 m.d


9,75 m.d + 30% Taxable income over 52 m.d

30 % Taxable income - 5,85 m.d


Over 80 m.d


18,15 m.d + 35% Taxable income over 80 m.d

35% Taxable income - 9,85 m.d


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