LVT Lawyers, with a team of lawyers with many years of consulting experience in resolving dispute of housing transactions for foreigners in Vietnam. Along with the enthusiasm and dedicated work, we assure we always put the interests of clients at the top to fit the motto "Our services, your success". LVT Lawyers provide consulting services for resolving dispute of housing transactions for foreigners in Vietnam as follows:

  • Consulting on how to deal with housing disputes, legal provisions on dispute settlement;

  • Guiding and advising clients lawsuit procedures, conditions of lawsuit to the competent Court.

  • Drafting applications, requests and other relevant documents to clients;

  • Conducting to gather evidence - documents, examination and assessment of the evidence - documents to be submitted before the Court;

  • Making specific plans with most beneficial during negotiation, mediation (if any);

  • Participating in the proceedings as a defense attorney, to protect the rights and legitimate interests in court for clients at all levels;

  • Participating in legal proceedings as authorized representative of the clients to perform all the measures and the manners prescribed by law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the clients in the best way at the court level.

  • Implementing procedures for law enforcement: verification of conditions for law enforcement, requesting application of preventive measures to ensure assets for law enforcement, requesting law enforcement of judgment ...